“It feels good to see people on the side of the roads!”

“It feels good to see people on the side of the roads!”
“It feels good to see people on the side of the roads!”

Make way for the mountain stages on the Critérium du Dauphiné, with the explanation expected between favorites on Saturday 5 June, at the top of the resort of La Plagne. And at the side of the roads, an image that we had almost forgotten and which fills with joy any bicycle lover, we finally see the camper vans, the small Formica table and the folding chairs blooming again.

>> Summary of the sixth stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné.

“It’s childhood!exclaims Michel moved. It’s our neighbor, one of the few who had the car in the area. He took my brother and me. Afterwards, we kept the virus “. And even with a mask and respecting the distances a little, unthinkable for Michel and his wife, Madeleine, not to be back on this Dauphiné. “It’s a ritual. There, my brother will arrive”, continues Michel. “I like it. We see people we saw a few years ago. Here! What are you doing?, says Madeleine for her part. There is a bond that is created “. “And then that’s what! We’re in retirement”, concludes Michel.

Support that makes runners happy. David Gaudu, the leader of Groupama-FDJ, intends to rely on them again this weekend. “Of course, it’s nice to reconnect with the supporters, he delivers all smiles. It’s warm. We find an atmosphere that we had lost a little the last year. It feels good to see people on the side of the roads! “

But as Madeleine said, the return of the public goes well beyond the sporting framework. It is also a whole social life which is created around the event and which can finally resume. Just like this fairground atmosphere and an improbable concert organized on the church square, which brings a village like Tuesday to life all day long, in Saint-Haon-le-Vieux. Children, retirees, all were amazed. “It’s never been like this in the village”, a boy echoes. “Really, that feels weird”, adds another, older. “I think it’s great going to small villages like that instead of going to big cities all the time. It was amazing! Thank them for coming.”, resumes the first.

Stéphane, he did not hesitate to cover 50 kilometers to see the peloton pass a handful of minutes. As he says, roadside cycling is a bit like restarting life. “It was frustrating not being able to access the races, the runners, he confides. It’s good to morale. It’s a good sign. We are on the right track to find a normal life “.

The public is back on the roadsides to applaud the runners of the Critérium du Dauphiné – Report by Fanny Lechevestrier.


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