Jean-Luc Reichmann shares his joy on Twitter

Jean-Luc Reichmann shares his joy on Twitter
Jean-Luc Reichmann shares his joy on Twitter

For several weeks, the show “Les 12 Coups de Midi” has a new noon master named Bruno. This Friday, June 4, 2021, the champion faced new competitors including a young man named Yanis. The latter was able to count on the support of his aunt Bakhta, who participated in the video program, as has been tradition since the start of the coronavirus health crisis.

And despite his participation from a distance, the aunt of the candidate did not fail to stand out, to the point that viewers were a little shocked by his attitude and pointed out the nephew’s embarrassment in the face of his aunt’s behavior. Despite everything, Yanis was able, thanks to his darling auntie, to leave with a wonderful memory! Bakhta took the floor to ask Jean-Luc Reichmann to make Yanis’ dream come true: to meet Cyril Hanouna. Very friends with the famous host of C8, Jean-Luc Reichmann did not hesitate and hastened to give him a call live.

Cyril Hanouna signs an appearance on TF1
Luckily, Cyril Hanouna picked up his phone and answered by throwing a happy: “Hello my darling!”. After hearing Jean-Luc Reichmann’s request, he immediately proposed to the candidate to attend the last show of this season which will take place on June 10: “He will be in the dressing room and backstage with me“launched Cyril Hanouna before showing his love to the presenter of TF1:”Have I ever refused you something so much I love you?“.

For his part, Yanis almost burst into tears, very happy to learn that he will meet his idol in less than a week. “That’s wonderful“he said, very moved in front of his aunt at the angels…

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JeanLuc Reichmann shares joy Twitter

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