Karim Benzema: “I’m at the max. I’m just missing trophies”

Karim Benzema: “I’m at the max. I’m just missing trophies”
Karim Benzema: “I’m at the max. I’m just missing trophies”

Karim Benzema is a happy player. His top performances at for seasons now contribute to that. His development too, he who is not obsessed with statistics even if he has become a prolific scorer again for the good of Real. “I became the 9 I wanted to be. (….) I am living a dream. I like“, he admits in a long interview with France Football, where he confides in his style of play, his development and his vision of football.

I have this chance to love the game, to be a different attacker. But I also like to score goals. Normally you can’t do both. But, me, I get there“, he says again to sum up his atypical style. But if he is happy – delighted to have become the player he is today – it is also linked to the France team.

Back in Blue for eight months now after being summoned again by Didier Deschamps to everyone’s surprise just before the Euro, Karim Benzema does not hide it: he takes pleasure in evolving with Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. “Anyway, so far it’s working fine. I find myself in the best conditions“, launches the 34-year-old center-forward. In his eyes, the attacking trio of the Blues only improves over the months and matches. “It’s been almost six years since I was not come, I had to touch, see, adapt. It didn’t take long. There, now, when one comes, the other takes depth, and vice versa. It’s better”, develops Benzema.

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However, KB9 doesn’t necessarily mean a trio. Because for him, Antoine Griezmann’s style of play is a game-changer. “It’s not a threesome. A trio is formed of three attackers on the same line, explains the former Lyonnais, who was crowned best French player of the year 2021 by the magazine France Football, ahead of Mbappé and N’Golo Kanté. Mbappé and I are higher. Griezmann plays in front of both midfielders. With the good work he does, defensively in particular, sometimes he doesn’t have much time to project himself forward. But it is he who is at the first pass. He will bring other things than us. He must take the ball and feed. So trio, duo, I don’t know. As long as we’re fine…” And for that, there does not seem to be a problem.

Author of a full year 2021 marked by his performances with Real, his return to Blue or his coronation in the League of Nations and a qualification for the World Cup, Karim Benzema relishes. And he does not intend to stop in such a good way. He who has reached a certain fullness: “I find myself at the max. Afterwards, we can always improve… But I don’t see at what level in fact (…) Technically, tactically, mentally, physically… (…) I just have to stay at this level. Now we have to win collective trophies“, he says. And precisely, he admits to dreaming of the World Cup and the Ballon d’Or – two trophies which are still missing from his formidable record -. Two trophies that the Blues can help him achieve.

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