Game sensation – five-letter hype

Five letter hype

The game Wordle is causing a sensation on the internet, even though you can only play it once a day – and it’s otherwise completely anachronistic.

Published today at 8:54 am

I start today’s game round With «Words», my moderately smart standard opening since i started playing about a week ago. No hits, hmm. Maybe not the best first choice? «Adieu» would be much better, it says on the net, because it covers four of the five vowels. The second word «Blunt», gives me first hints: An N and a T are hidden in the word, but not in these places. at «Tenth» makes it click: the T in the first position, the N in the third. A bit of brainwork, then a word that I know from baking sourdough (laugh, you have to do something at home!): «Tangy». Bingo!

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