Medicine – When trance interests science

Medicine – When trance interests science
Medicine – When trance interests science

When trance interests science

This modified state of consciousness, extracted from its ritual context, has been the subject of numerous studies, including a promising one at the Clinique Belmont.

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After hypnosis or meditation, which have gained scientific recognition, it is the turn of trance to leave the field of the bizarre to shake up the rationality of researchers. During a conference organized on Friday by the Departments of Medicine of the HUG and the University of Geneva, specialist Corine Sombrun explained her astonishing journey, from shamanic trance, in which she was trained in Mongolia, to cognitive trance , which anyone can experience outside of any cultural or ritual context.

An adventure that she has traced in many books on the subject (read his interview of April in “Le Matin Dimanche”). One of them was recently adapted to the cinema under the title “A bigger world”. Cécile de France is the headliner.

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