Phase 2 in harmonizing the TV frequencies in the cable network

Phase 2 in harmonizing the TV frequencies in the cable network
Phase 2 in harmonizing the TV frequencies in the cable network

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In Vodafone’s nationwide cable network, the focus will continue to be on adapting the networks in 2022. The telecommunications company announced this on Friday.

Last year, Germany’s largest cable network operator standardized the range of programs and made the “Giga Cable Box 2” the standard receiver for TV reception via cable. The final conversion phase will follow this year:

For the second half of the year, Vodafone is planning to align the frequency spectrum that has been used differently in the different network regions. The adaptation of the technical parameters to a nationwide uniform fiber optic cable network gives Vodafone much more creative freedom with regard to future market developments. Against the background that the viewing habits of TV customers are changing, high-speed Internet is the basis for the development of new business models and opens up alternative access routes to a wide range of content from content providers and on IP-enabled platforms such as GigaTV.

Whether TV technology, streaming, cinema or further developments in the Vodafone cable network. The new year offers exciting developments for entertainment and TV lovers. Vodafone is also providing an unusual “behind the scenes” look at some popular Netflix productions over the weekend. More on this shortly on DIGITAL TELEVISION.

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