the shutdown of certain reactors extended until the end of the year

the shutdown of certain reactors extended until the end of the year
the shutdown of certain reactors extended until the end of the year

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Published on 01/14/2022 at 6:09 p.m.
Updated on 01/14/2022 at 6:19 p.m.

EDF has extended the shutdown of some of its nuclear reactors, where corrosion problems have been identified, and in some cases the shutdown will extend until the end of the year, the group said on Friday.

The extension of the shutdown of certain nuclear reactors was decided by EDF on Friday. The restart of reactor number 2 at the Chooz power plant (Ardennes) is now scheduled for December 31, according to data published by EDF on its site. At the beginning of January, his arrest had already been extended until April 20.

The restart of the two reactors at Civaux (Vienne) is expected on August 31 for the first reactor and December 31 for the second. Corrosion problems had been identified on a safety circuit of these three reactors. The same problems have since been detected on one of those of the Penly power station (Seine-Maritime), of lesser power. Penly 1 is thus stopped until May 30.

Investigations are continuing to determine whether Chooz reactor number 1 is also affected. It must restart on July 27, EDF has just announced, and not on February 11 as expected until now. Currently, of the 56 reactors in the French nuclear fleet, five are thus shut down because of corrosion problems identified or suspected on a safety circuit, plus as many shut down for other reasons.

Supply tensions

These five reactors alone represent approximately 12% of French nuclear capacity. This led EDF to revise its forecast for nuclear production downwards on Thursday evening. “The durations of outages were defined with regard to the additional expertise to be carried out, the work to be carried out and the overall instruction”, specified EDF.

These unplanned shutdowns increase the tension a little more on the security of electricity supply this winter in France, when the availability of the fleet is already low with a total of 10 reactors shut down. The question now arises of possible additional stops due to corrosion problems.

“EDF today has initiated a review of all the checks that had been made in the past and this for all the reactors in the fleet,” said Julien Collet, deputy director general of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) on Friday. The latter does not know at this stage whether it will be necessary to shut down other reactors for physical checks and possible repairs if a suspicion of corrosion appears during this documentary examination.

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