Buy PS5 accessories: The console and controller now shine in these colors

Buy PS5 accessories: The console and controller now shine in these colors
Buy PS5 accessories: The console and controller now shine in these colors
January 14, 2022 at 6:01 pm

The PS5 and the Sony Dual Sense controller shine in new colors. We’ll tell you what the colorful covers for the console look like and where you can buy the new PS5 accessories.

The PS5 and its DualSense controller shine in new splendor. (Source: Sony)

  • You can now buy the Sony DualSense controller in three additional colors.
  • The new color covers for the PS5 are only available on January 21st in Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.
  • The side shells will then appear in other colors.

The PS5 gets a new coat of paint. After rumors about covers for the Nex-Gen console, Sony is now officially announcing the new side panels for the PlayStation.

This should then from the January 21, 2022 available in “Midnight Black” (black) and “Cosmic Red” (red). The galaxy-inspired colors Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, and Starlight Blue will follow some time later.

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Changing the covers should be easy, Sony explains on the PlayStation Blog. According to Sony, you only have to remove the white side panels and insert the new PS5 covers.

DualSense controllers in pink, purple and blue

The Dual Sense controller is now also available in additional colors. The colors “Nova Pink” (pink), “Galactic Purple” (violet) and “Starlight Blue” (blue) are also available here. You can already buy the new colored controllers in the PlaySation shop. The new colors will not be available in other shops until January 21st. With a price of 74.99 euros, the colored models are only slightly more expensive than the white original for 69.99 euros.

at Sony in Starlight Blue for 74.99 euros*


at Sony in Nova Pink for 74.99 euros*


at Sony in Galactic Purple for 74.99 euros*


If you haven’t gotten your hands on a PS5 yet, we’ll tell you where you can buy or win the next-gen console this weekend. You can also save quite a few euros with free games for PlayStation.

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