Nespresso Atelier coffee maker test: tailor-made milk drinks

Nespresso Atelier coffee maker test: tailor-made milk drinks
Nespresso Atelier coffee maker test: tailor-made milk drinks

The Nespresso Atelier does not mark a clean break with the design of its previous models. Much deeper than wide, it does not take up much space on a worktop and can therefore find its space on an already busy worktop. As always, the materials are neat. The solid plastics inspire confidence and the assembly is well made.

The coffee maker is covered with a matte plastic that is not very prone to fingerprints. This is less the case for the chrome plastic, at the level of the dispensing nozzle, which tends to hang more.

The control panel of this Nespresso Atelier gives access to the nine recipes dispensed. There are therefore the essential ristretto (25 ml), espresso (40 ml) and lungo (110 ml) supplemented by milk drinks: cappuccino, latte macchiato, mocha, iced coffee, hot milk froth, cold milk froth.

To make milk drinks, Nespresso provides a rotating emulsifier to be installed next to the dispensing nozzle, the system of which allows steam to be injected and milk frothed – including vegetable milks – directly into the cup. Here and unlike the manufacturer’s Lattissima One model, the coffee maker does not come with a carafe that is directly integrated into the machine. There is something to tick off given the price positioning of the Workshop.

This implies that the user refers to the instructions for use to know the adequate quantities of milk for each of the milk drinks. If the quantity of milk exceeds that prescribed or if the container is not high enough, there is a risk of spoiling the recipe and/or splashing milk around the coffee maker.

After each use, the frother should be cleaned and stored in the back of the coffee maker, otherwise you risk misplacing it quickly. Rare enough to be underlined, this Nespresso Atelier offers the possibility of preparing cold or hot coffee recipes. Unlike Dolce Gusto coffee makers, there is no question here of preparing cold recipes, simply of frothing the milk “cold”. As for the iced coffee, the Atelier will extract at room temperature and it is up to the user to then add ice cubes to cool his preparation.

To launch a coffee, simply insert the capsule using the lever and press the appropriate button. The LED will then flash for the duration of the preheating and stabilize when the preparation is finished. It’s as simple as that ! Cup length is customizable on this machine; it is advisable to press and hold the dedicated button for 3 s (the preparation starts and the buttons flash quickly) and release it when the desired length is reached.

When there is not enough water in the tank, the machine instantly blocks the preparation. It is then necessary to fill the tank, with a capacity of 1 l, so that the Workshop resumes its activity where it had stopped. Relegated to the rear, the rounded tank is unfortunately not equipped with a small handle to extract it more easily.

Also rounded, the small removable cup rest, designed in a very modest plastic, also accommodates the used capsule tray (13 maximum). It can be adjusted in height to fit the size of the cup. The dispensing nozzle is not adjustable, but it is possible to raise the small chromed plastic cover to facilitate the insertion of the emulsifier into the cup.

All the removable elements of this machine (water tank, drip tray and used capsule collector) are easily dislodged, which makes them easy to clean. On the other hand, the Swiss giant advises against going through the dishwasher. This Nespresso Atelier has two indicator lights to alert the user when it is time to clean the emulsifier (clean) or descale the machine (descaling).

Remember that it is recommended to carry out descaling twice a year. The operation is simple, quick (25 min in all) and is done in three steps: empty the capsule container and the “drip tray”, place a one-litre container under the spout of the machine, then add a descaling product to the tank with 500 ml of water and let it flow. In the user manual, the manufacturer states that the use of vinegar is not recommended and can damage the machine.

To activate the descaling mode, simply press the espresso and lungo buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds and follow the instructions on the instructions. This allows the water to flow, carrying the descaling solution with it into the circuits. The user will only have to rinse with clean water and exit the descaling mode to find a descaled machine. Simple, provided of course that you read the instructions.

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