Right to start for ski world champion Kriechmayr causes a stir in Wengen

Right to start for ski world champion Kriechmayr causes a stir in Wengen
Right to start for ski world champion Kriechmayr causes a stir in Wengen

Updated on 01/14/2022 15:17

  • Vincent Kriechmayr tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 last week.
  • He therefore missed the training sessions in Wengen.
  • He was still allowed to compete on the descent – thanks to a special permit that not everyone likes.

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World champion Vincent Kriechmayr was only twelfth in the downhill of the alpine ski racers in Wengen on Friday, but he caused a stir with his start alone. The Upper Austrian had not done any proper training before and started the race with a special permit.

Kriechmayr had tested positive for the corona virus last week. After another test, which was negative, the authorities gave him permission to travel to Switzerland on Wednesday afternoon. But he had already missed the downhill training sessions in Wengen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Participation in a training course is actually compulsory

According to the regulations of the world association FIS, however, participation in at least one training session is obligatory for the start in the downhill run.

After being given the green light by a jury decision on Thursday afternoon, Kriechmayr drove out of the starting gate at 9:44 a.m. on Friday. After a few meters, the 30-year-old broke off the journey and went on to inspect the track as normal.

The FIS approach was not well received by the other nations. “It’s not at all about Vincent Kriechmayr, but about the regulations that are there so that everyone knows what they have to do,” said the Alpine Director of the Swiss Ski Association, Walter Reusser, ZDF.

“The FIS didn’t listen at all. Then we said we’d make a protest. The FIS also rejected it,” described Reusser. “There are various athletes from different nations who don’t start here because they stick to the rules. Suddenly they’re just overturned one evening. It’s not correct that an athlete doesn’t have to do any training. That’s against them Safety.” (dpa/ank)
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