Germany – Thieves steal an entire street

Germany – Thieves steal an entire street
Germany – Thieves steal an entire street

Cars are usually more likely to be stolen, but in this case an entire street was hit: thieves stole more than 60 tons of road material in the German town of Zittau in the state of Saxony. According to the federal police in Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, the thieves must have acted professionally and presumably used a small excavator and a truck to rip out and transport the paving stones, as the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk writes.

Deutsche Bahn employees noticed the stones were missing and immediately informed the police. According to this, the time of the crime can be limited to the days between December 16th and January 3rd. The damage caused by the theft is around 30,000 euros. 20,000 euros are estimated for the construction of the new section of road alone. In addition, there are the paving stones worth around 9,000 euros.

So far, it has remained unclear whether the paving stones remained in Saxony or were transported to Poland or northern Bohemia. The police are currently investigating in all directions.

Germany Thieves steal entire street

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