Julien Odoul’s erotic video still sticks to his skin

On the sidelines of the regional elections, the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, intends to do well a great selection among the possible candidates of his party. In particular, it wishes to get rid of certain racist, fascist and anti-Semitic members with a past marked by such extreme behavior.

However, this sorting is not interested in the sex life of the candidates, as specified Classic Radio, quoting The chained Duck. This is a good news for Julien Odoul, who is remembered for asking to exclude a veiled woman at a Regional Council while she was accompanying students. Indeed, the RN candidate in the regional election in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, is not unanimous in his party.

In question, a video of his erotic exploits, but also photos of him, including one on the cover of LGBT magazine, Stubborn. Some of his colleagues have used these documents, dating from 2014, to try to get him out of the top of the list, highlighted Classic Radio. More the concerned fully assumes. He also believes that these pictures can help him convince new voters.

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Julien Odouls erotic video sticks skin

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