in Pontorson, outgoing councilors face two other candidates

In the canton de Pontorson, the starting poster is not quite the same as in 2015 but it has some similarities.

The two departmental advisers of the sector, both in the departmental majority, represent: André Denot, delegate to the equine sector, also municipal councilor of Pontorson and Valerie Nouvel, vice-president of the Department in charge of the environment, innovation and energy transition. She is also a municipal councilor of Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme.

In front of them, a pair of candidates from National gathering : the regional councilor, departmental delegate of the RN and municipal councilor of Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme, Marie-Françoise Kurdziel is a candidate again, this time alongside Denis Flamand, retired commercial from Ducey.

To the left, Elise husson, intermittent of the show, resident of Juilley and Erwan Saladin, teacher, resident in Ducey and already a candidate for the 2015 departmental, wear for the colors of PCF and of France Insubordinate.

André Denot and Valérie Nouvel have been departmental advisers since 2015.

Outgoing advisers represent themselves

Valérie Nouvel and André Denot hope to leave for a new term. “For six years, we have focused all our action on improving the daily life of residents and that’s something we want to pursue. It means being attentive to provide answers to their needs“The two majority advisers cite, as an example,”the renovation of the Ducey college, support for hydrogen projects, in conjunction with the Chéreau company, is also _the green lane_e Pontaubaut at Mont-Saint-Michel, both for tourists and families from here.”

Their projects if they are elected? “Take a further step in terms of preservation of health and the environment with our inhabitants by co-building projects with them“The outgoing duo want to target too.”the _digital transition_. All you need to do today is through the internet. However, we still have a large part of the population who are not very comfortable. There is therefore a real challenge to support the development of digital uses.

Elise Husson and Erwan Saladin, PCF candidates in the canton of Pontorson.
Charline Mahé

A communist pair

The Department is very important for its volet social, aid and personal services, insist the two PCF candidates Elise Husson and Erwan Saladin. “We feel a big problem in access to rights, in information. So we want to come back to more proximity to help people assert their rights and get back to work.“Their proposals? Besides the social,”the other priority is _ecological transition_. Look for peasant agriculture more than large farms, via installation aid or in the outlets offered by the department such as school canteens. It is also create public solidarity land offices and offer people to relocate in small towns, rather than in subdivisions that take up agricultural space “. The candidates also raise the issue of mobility and the desire to contribute to restart the train and in particular freight from Villedieu.

Marie-Francoise Kurdziel and Denis Flamand are candidates for the RN in the canton of Pontorson.
Marie-Francoise Kurdziel and Denis Flamand are candidates for the RN in the canton of Pontorson. © Radio France

The ambitions of the National Rally

The Department remains a very important stratum of political life and it is a proximity advice“, assures Marie-Francoise Kurdziel, the departmental delegate of the national gathering to express the motivations for her candidacy for her departmental elections, with Denis Flamand. She is also candidate to regional on Nicolas Bay’s list.

Their priorities if they are elected? “Save money in costs and operation and _spend wisely_. The Department spend too much money on some points and forget about others“And to clarify:”For example, we must review our social policy by avoiding granting too much money to unaccompanied migrant minors or too many subsidies to associations for migrants. This money could be used for disability or old age. It is absolutely necessary to invest for exit the Channel from the medical desert but also from the digital desert, after the Digital Channel fiasco. Everything must be done to install fiber everywhere in rural areas.

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