Bruno Le Maire ready to welcome a new cat as a mascot in Bercy

Bruno Le Maire ready to welcome a new cat as a mascot in Bercy
Bruno Le Maire ready to welcome a new cat as a mascot in Bercy

Olive, Bercy’s cat, died after 22 years in the ministry. Bruno Le Maire confirmed on Tuesday that he would adopt another.

Bruno Le Maire will adopt a new cat. The news has something to smile about and yet the Minister of the Economy announced it very seriously to the

this Tuesday. Because it’s been more than ten days since Bercy lost its mascot.

Olive, the alley cat who lived for 22 years in the walls of the ministry, has died. Benjamin Rosmini, ministerial adviser, announced it in a

and Bruno Le Maire cracked an Instagram post.

Arrived just after the departure of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 1999, Olive has seen dozens follow one another,

, ministers. Before Bruno Le Maire took up residence in 2017, breaking the longevity record of Christine Lagarde (2007-2011), recalls Le Figaro.

The olive legend

For 22 years, Olive had been fed by ministry staff.

Olive will therefore be replaced. “I have plans to adopt another one. I don’t know what cat it will be yet. [….] But there will be a new cat in Bercy, “Bruno Le Maire assured Tuesday.

Animals definitely have their place in places of power. Gérald Darmanin had also chosen a cat, Boris, when he was at the Budget. The one who is now Minister of the Interior had even made him his ally during his campaign for mayor of Tourcoing (North), to embody his proposals concerning animal welfare and protection. The best-known ministerial cat remaining Larry, employed as a mouse hunter since 2011 at 10 Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister.

Emmanuel Macron preferred a dog, Nemo, a Labrador cross adopted at the SPA in 2017, who took up residence at the Elysee Palace.


Bruno Maire ready cat mascot Bercy

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