Rayane Bensetti mocks Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin’s problems

Rayane Bensetti mocks Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin’s problems
Rayane Bensetti mocks Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin’s problems

For several weeks, the star couple of reality TV, formed by Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, has been going through difficult times. After a chaotic first pregnancy, the young woman goes through complicated times again. Pregnant with her second child, the blonde of the Marseillais is not going for the best. In a story posted on Snapchat Sunday, May 30, 2021, Jessica Thivenin gave some rather disturbing news to her subscribers: “Maybe in a week it will be fine … I have nothing crazy to tell you“, she explains before recounting:”I want to cry all the time. In short, it becomes complicated. I didn’t even think that a body could have so many tears. Since this morning 8:00 am I cry. Knowing that I cried all evening and night“She confides, her eyes cloudy with tears. The couple is also annoyed by hordes of fans who try to approach them. A situation that makes Rayane Bensetti laugh a lot, close to Thibault Garcia.

Rayane Bensetti mocks the setbacks of his boyfriend Thibault Garcia on Instagram

In a story posted on his Instagram account Sunday, May 30, 2021, Rayane Bensetti says: “Ladies and Gentlemen, if you ever want to see Thibault Garcia, he takes the train in an hour, he leaves for Marseille“, he explains before specifying:”Direction Marseille, Paris-Gare de Lyon, it’s all wrong! If you want to see him, he’s dressed like this, he has a little bob and a little goatee“. Visibly amused by the harassment experienced by his friend, the actor adds:”Don’t hesitate to ask him for photos, he loves it!“.

On May 27, 2021, annoyed by the attitude of some fans, Thibault Garcia had given a big rant. “You really have no respect, two days ago I tell you to stop and you come back ringing!“, he said before specifying:”From now on it will be the police for everyone, there are cameras everywhere“.

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Rayane Bensetti mocks Thibault Garcia Jessica Thivenins problems

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