Accused of sexual assault: 23 women will testify against a massage therapist

Accused of sexual assault: 23 women will testify against a massage therapist
Accused of sexual assault: 23 women will testify against a massage therapist

A massage therapist with wandering hands is being tried this week at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse, where no less than 23 victims, including a minor, must testify to the assaults suffered during massages.

“I didn’t understand what was going on and I froze completely and was terrified. I was tomato red, my face was on fire. I said to myself: “it can’t be what’s happening to me right now”. I wanted to say something and I couldn’t, ”narrated an ex-client of Jean-François Morrison, whose identity cannot be revealed.

Jean-Francois Morrison

The 40-year-old man faces more than 20 counts of sexual assault on young women.

The acts were allegedly committed between 2015 and 2018, in Saint-Jérôme.

So far, Judge Sandra Blanchard has heard testimony from nearly a dozen victims of the massage therapist, almost in every way similar.

They all recounted making an appointment with Morrison via Facebook. At the start of the meeting, everything seemed professional and they were confident.


But during the session, the massage therapist comes to take advantage of the vulnerable position of the young women, who were either naked or in their underwear under a towel on the table, to touch the genitals.

“He started massaging my leg, then higher on my butt. Afterwards, it went to my private parts, several times, ”said one of the victims.

They all confessed to having “frozen” in front of such gestures, experiencing a deep discomfort because of his “wandering hands”.

One of the victims also rebuked the defense lawyer, Pierre M. Gauthier on Monday, saying that he wanted to “invalidate [son] experience”.

“You try to twist it around so that it looks like it’s less worse or okay or okay. […] I just want to clear it up, I’m starting to get bored, ”she said confidently.

“I do my job, ma’am, I ask questions. […] I am insinuating nothing, I am not reducing anything, ”replied M.e Gauthier.

A displaced lawyer

Despite this incident, that didn’t stop him from asking a victim on Tuesday who had just recounted how Morrison had taken her to her bedroom to have her undergo full sex if she had had “some involvement” in it. act, because he was not violent towards her.

“To stay seated [sur lui], do you still make a certain effort? ” he hinted.

“It was he who controlled me, it was not me who moved. […] I was scared, “she had yet said earlier in her testimony, adding that she wanted it” to end as soon as possible “, even if she tried once to block his movements.

The trial of Jean-François Morrison continues this week in Saint-Jérôme.

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