Jean-Yves Duclos says he understands the concerns about the 3rd link | 3rd link

Neighborhood councils and other groups of citizens fear that the tunnel, which will allow motorists to join the Dufferin-Montmorency highway and which will lead to the Boulevard Hamel sector, will affect their quality of life.

They worry that the 3rd link will cut their neighborhood, lead to greater traffic congestion, increase air pollution and noise in their neighborhood.

The President of the Treasury Board and Liberal MP for Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Olivier Lemieux

Legitimate concerns

Jean-Yves Duclos affirms that these concerns are legitimate. It draws a parallel with the demolition of the Dufferin-Montmorency highway slipways in the early 2000s, near the area where the CAQQuebec Future Coalition plans to build a tunnel exit in Saint-Roch.

It’s not just disfiguring a physical neighborhood, it’s a social neighborhood that has been affected a lot by it. We destroyed suspenders barely fifteen years ago above Saint-Roch. People are asking legitimate questions about what the 3rd Link project means for them and their children in the future, underlines Jean-Yves Duclos.

Éric Caire, MP for La Peltrie.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Daniel Coulombe

Insurance of deputy Cairo

The deputy of the CAQQuebec Future Coalition, Éric Caire, put his seat on the line by promising the realization of the 3rd link. He ensures that downtown residents will not suffer from the arrival of the tunnel.

The Quebec Minister of Transport was very clear on how we were going to manage this sector. There is no problem for these neighborhoods. We are not going against the urban boulevard project, he says.

The tunnel will be built on two floors with a total of six traffic lanes, two of which are reserved for public transport.

A screenshot of the video presentation of the 3rd link project (archives).

Photo: Government of Quebec

No promise of funding

Jean-Yves Duclos also refuses to promise that Ottawa will finance the Quebec-Lévis tunnel project as requested by the Legault government.

The President of the Treasury Board of Canada and Member of Parliament for Quebec repeats the message launched in particular last week by Justin Trudeau.

According to him, the CAQQuebec Future Coalition must first better explain how public transport will be promoted by the construction of a third link between Quebec and Lévis.

Jean-Yves Duclos recalls that no project has yet been officially submitted by Quebec to Infrastructure Canada.

My responsibility is to work closely with the Government of Quebec to better understand the public transport component in the 3rd link project. The federal government no longer funds the construction of highways, recalls Jean-Yves Duclos.

Elected from Quebec

Éric Caire reminds Jean-Yves Duclos that he also has another responsibility, that of representing the voters of Quebec.

Mr. Duclos is a member from Quebec. He is the minister of Quebec, he must listen to the people of Quebec. There are 11 counties in the greater Quebec City area, nine of which are held by the CAQQuebec Future Coalition based on the engagement of the 3rd link, emphasizes Éric Caire.

With information from Olivier Lemieux

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