Camille Santoro finally reveals the reasons for his departure

Camille Santoro finally reveals the reasons for his departure
Camille Santoro finally reveals the reasons for his departure

Large families, life in XXL has been delighting viewers for several years now. It is season 3 which is currently being hit on TF1. Unfortunately, Season 4 heralds changes. The Santoro family is leaving. Their lives have changed since joining the program. The mother is now followed by more than 640,000 people on Instagram! The public even saw that the family has grown.

Large families, life in XXL allows the public to follow the daily life of large families. But above all to become attached to it and to support them in their daily life. Also, fans of Large families, life in XXL, don’t just watch the episodes of the show. They also enjoy following the adventures of families in real life, through social networks. What heartbreaking then for the fans to learn of the departure of the Santoro family. Fortunately, Camille, the mother of six children, gives explanations that should console her fans a little. Objection tells you everything!

Large families, life in XXL, new adventures for the Santoro family

It’s in the columns of the magazine AmoMama that the drafting ofObjection learns the terrible news. Finally, terrible is a very big word. Indeed, nothing harmful falls on the shoulders of the Santoro family. And Large families, life in XXL will continue to be broadcast on television. So, we shouldn’t necessarily be talking about drama. Still, fans of the Santoro family are going to be shaken by the news. It is one of the star families of Large families, life in XXL leaving the ship.

If the Santoros will no longer be present in season 4, that is to say next season, it should not be doubted that they will always be present on social networks. Indeed, Camille Santoro has become an expert in managing the whole family with a controlled and precise organization. Adding social networks to her to juggle in her schedule was therefore child’s play for this mother overloaded with things to do.

Indeed, viewers of Large families, life in XXL, have a lot of admiration for these extraordinary parents. And there are many who adore Camille Santoro and her family. Because she achieves feats by always being sublime and in control of her emotions. In any case, much more than the majority of parents. Large families are quite rare and Objection readily admits that parents less overwhelmed than Camille Santoro do not manage to carry out half of their projects!

A new start for the big family in which nothing is impossible

According to Amomama, Camille Santoro decided to withdraw from the program because the mission she had given herself has been accomplished. Indeed, by participating in Large families, life in XXL, her husband and she wanted to send a specific message to France. The one that love has no limits. That even young parents like them can do great things with five, then six children. Because Camille is only 29 years old!

The motto of the Santoro family is: Impossible is not Santoro ”. And seeing everything they do in 24 hours, Objection can only bow to this saying. But then, if “impossible is not Santoro”, why does it become incompatible for this large family to continue their adventure in Large families, life in XXL ?

Camille Santoro would then have said that now, the message of love and hope that she wanted to convey has passed. She will therefore leave her place for others to join the cast, which must already be ready for the next season.

But that fans of Large families, life in XXL are reassured, and more particularly those of the Santoro family. Because if Camille and her troop leave the program for the next season, they are still there now. Plus, they’re not going to disappear from social media anytime soon. The public will therefore still have the opportunity to follow their adventures for a long time to come.

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