The rant of the president of the UCCF against France 3 and Camping-car Park

The rant of the president of the UCCF against France 3 and Camping-car Park
The rant of the president of the UCCF against France 3 and Camping-car Park

The France 3 Régions website published an article entitled “Where are motorhomes going to flock this summer in Occitania?” To predict the behavior of motorhome operators in the summer of 2021, the article is based on a study carried out by Camping-Car Park. According to the president of the UCCF (Union des camping-caristes de France), the information site of the regional public channel errs in citing a private company as the only source of information.

It is on the website of the Ffaccc (French Federation of motorhome associations and clubs) that we discover the letter from the president of the UCCF. A letter addressed to “the editorial staff of FR3 [sic] Occitanie ”. Jean-Pierre Ruellé, the author of the text, governs the article published on the website of the television channel on May 29, 2021. ” This article uses only one “information resource”: “Camping Car Park”, a private organization bringing together less than 3% of reception areas in France! »

“Editorial advertising”

What seems to bother Mr. Ruellé is not so much the subject of the France 3 Régions article, as the use of a single statistical document: the 2021 Camping-Car Park barometer. Each year in the spring, the network of reception areas publishes the results of a study carried out among motorhome operators (who we imagine to have been contacted among the users of the Camping-Car Park areas, thanks to the contact details provided at the time. of their registration). The France 3 article extensively quotes the company and gives the floor to its founder, Laurent Morice. ” This article seems to me to give only the point of view of this private company, a point of view often found in other regional press organizations, deplores Jean-Pierre Ruellé. This company is, unfortunately, very strong in communication, which gives rise to press articles very often resembling editorial advertising. »

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Diversity of views

Logically, the president of the UCCF would have liked the journalist to contact the federations of motorhomes, but not only. His article also quotes ” elected officials who have chosen to maintain communal management of reception areas »And other private motorhome reception networks. To our knowledge, Camping-Car Park is the only player in the motorhome sector to publish a quantitative survey on the summer projects of motorhome operators. For journalists from the general information press, this tool is obviously a very convenient source of information, which should save editorial staff a lot of time. It remains to be seen when the federations of motorhomes and motorhome manufacturers and other players in the motorhome world, inspired by this example, will disseminate their own surveys.

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