WHO Approves Chinese Sinovac Vaccine | Coronavirus

WHO Approves Chinese Sinovac Vaccine | Coronavirus
WHO Approves Chinese Sinovac Vaccine | Coronavirus

This emergency authorization by theWHOWorld Health Organization provides an indication of the efficacy and safety of a vaccine for national drug regulators. It also allows the product to be integrated with COVAX, the global program to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to poor countries. The program is experiencing supply problems due to the shutdown of exports from India.

Thanks to the COVAX mechanism, the poorest countries are expected to receive donations of COVID-19 vaccines, but deliveries are delayed.

A vaccine for all

In a statement, the independent panel of experts said it recommended the use of Sinovac vaccine for people over the age of 18, with a second dose to be given two to four weeks after the first.

No age limit has been set, with data suggesting that the vaccine is effective in protecting the elderly. To reach this decision, the panel studied the latest clinical data on the safety of Sinovac’s vaccine, as well as the Chinese laboratory’s production standards.

A third COVID-19 vaccine developed in China, by CanSino Biologics, has been submitted to WHO for validation. No date has yet been set for the review of this product.

Sinovac reported more than 600 million doses of the vaccine delivered in China and abroad, mainly in Latin America, Asia and Africa, data stopped at the end of May, and more than 430 million doses already administered.

Data on the efficacy of Sinovac’s vaccine shows that it prevents symptoms of COVID-19 for 51% of vaccinees and prevents the development of a severe form of the disease and the need for hospitalization for 100% of the cases studied,WHOWorld Health Organization.


Approves Chinese Sinovac Vaccine Coronavirus

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