An airplane prepared for a Quebec dive site

An airplane prepared for a Quebec dive site
An airplane prepared for a Quebec dive site

Several students from the National School of Aerotechnics prepared for several months an airplane to be submerged to add a unique object in a Quebec dive site near Thedford Mines, in Chaudière-Appalaches.

Professor Serge Rancourt was looking for a project to motivate his students over the past few months. It was at this point that he thought of preparing a small Aztec-type plane so that it could then be submerged in a dive site.

The three programs of the National School of Aerotechnics (ÉNA) worked on different aspects of this project so that the aircraft could resist over the years, but also not contaminate the body of water.

“We simply removed all the major components of the device that were not decontaminable, then we removed components from all the systems to recycle them on the two other devices of the same type that we have at school” , explained the professor of aircraft maintenance technology at the ÉNA during his appearance on the program “À vos affaires” on LCN, Monday.

The aircraft then had to be transported by land to its final immersion location.

“They [l’équipe] made sure to properly plan all the necessary sequence to [y] happen, ”said Mr. Rancourt.

Scuba diving enthusiasts can now visit the plane, the device having “reacted very well” to the experience.

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