Covid-19: How could the death toll in Peru triple so suddenly?

Covid-19: How could the death toll in Peru triple so suddenly?
Covid-19: How could the death toll in Peru triple so suddenly?

REVIREMENT – According to a ranking established on the basis of official figures, Peru is now the most bereaved country in the world with a number of deaths linked to Covid, which has gone from one assessment to another from 69,000 … to 180,000. How to explain the suddenness of this sad title?

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The gap between the last two reports of the pandemic in Peru is surprising. The number of deaths due to Covid-19 has indeed tripled there, making the country of the Incas the one which now deplores the highest number of deaths per million inhabitants in the world.

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In detail, the number of people who died from Covid-19 on May 22 stood at 180,764 in this country of 33 million inhabitants, or 5,484 deaths per million inhabitants, according to a ranking of the countries most affected by the pandemic established by AFP on the basis of official figures and which places it in the lead. The previous assessment, stopped Sunday, reported 69,342 dead, 13th place with 2,103 deaths per million inhabitants. We explain to you.

Technical advice leading to a reassessment

As striking as this turnaround is, it actually came as no real surprise to Peruvian health authorities and was indeed rather desirable. It is indeed on the basis of a technical advice set up in April and composed of Peruvian experts and specialists from the World Health Organization (WHO) that he was operated. The latter in fact proposed to modify the criteria for recording deaths after having estimated that “the current methodology has limits which lead to an underestimation of the number of deaths from Covid-19”. Until now, health authorities have only taken into account deaths for which a test confirmed the disease. Henceforth, people who meet seven technical criteria will be identified, including proven contaminations, but also “probable cases presenting an epidemiological link with a confirmed case”. Will also be taken into account “a suspected case of Covid-19 which presents a clinical framework compatible with the disease”.

“From today (…) we are going to have more exhaustive figures which will be of great use for the management of the pandemic “, welcomed Monday at a press conference the president of the Council of Ministers and number two of the government, Violeta Bermudez. Note that for the time being, these new data have not yet been incorporated into the daily figures transmitted by the Peruvian health authorities.

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Until this reassessment, it was Hungary which held the sad title of the most affected country in proportion to its population, with 3,077 deaths per million inhabitants, according to the AFP count. Vaccination in Peru started on February 9 and is progressing slowly with only 5% of the population having received at least one dose. The number of infected patients admitted to hospitals has declined, standing at 12,000 today against more than 15,500 at the peak on April 20.

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Covid19 death toll Peru triple suddenly

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