“I wanted to kill them!” : the driver who ran into the Ferrari rental company is still in psychiatry

“I wanted to kill them!” : the driver who ran into the Ferrari rental company is still in psychiatry
“I wanted to kill them!” : the driver who ran into the Ferrari rental company is still in psychiatry

His statements were just as disturbing as the images of the scene in the middle of the street, appalling and violent. “I got confused with the Arabs,” the driver told the police. There, they do not want to move their cars. I wanted to kill them. And since I can’t do it with my hands, I took the car ”.

This Tuesday evening, the suspect, 34, who voluntarily ran into a young Ferrari rental employee on Monday afternoon on the Champs-Elysées (8th arrondissement) was still in psychiatry at the I3P (psychiatric infirmary of the police headquarters) . The arrested driver was taken out of his custody cell, diagnosed unfit by the doctor. For its part, the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the charge of attempted murder entrusted to the 1st DPJ (Judicial Police District).

The victim’s condition does not cause concern

The 24-year-old victim was still hospitalized but his condition did not give cause for concern. She suffers from pain in her right ankle and right hand. The firefighters transported him in “relative emergency” to the Bichat hospital (18th century).

The scene, immortalized by videos from passers-by smartphones and published on social networks, dates back to Monday, in the early afternoon, at 2:50 p.m.

VIDEO. Champs-Elysées: a motorist rushes on a Ferrari rental company after an altercation

The driver, at the wheel of a black BMW, first gets confused with the luxury car rental company, then “annoyed”, smashes Ferrari parked at the corner of the Champs-Élysées and avenue George V in Paris. An employee of the lessor goes out and tries to intervene. He positions himself in front of his car. The man starts, accelerates and then rushes on him. The scene, in the middle of the street and at a time of great passage, freezes the witnesses. Residents call the police. The police from the 8th district police station converge immediately, sirens blaring, in the opposite direction of avenue Georges V. Other police officers, in particular from the RATP, have already positioned themselves around the BMW, weapon in hand. Reinforcements arrive. The scene of the arrest is “hot”. “Police!” Shout the police. Switch off the vehicle’s ignition! Get out of the vehicle! “. The man refuses. The scene tightens. A dozen policemen, arms in yoke, shout: “Open or I’ll break the window!” “. The police smash the glass. They grab the suspect, take him out of the BMW manu militari. Throw him to the ground, handcuff him. And take him away. The suspect refuses to submit to the alcohol and narcotics test. His vehicle is seized and towed.

The witnesses interviewed

The victim, the young employee of the rental company, is in the hands of the firefighters. He came out “miraculously”, believes a police source. Videos of the scene foreshadowed much more serious injuries. Indeed, we see the driver overturning the victim, then backing up on him, in general amazement.

This Tuesday, the witnesses were interviewed by investigators of the PJ. The testimonies and images of video surveillance and smartphones given to the police are overwhelming. This Wednesday, the victim should be heard.


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