Serge Bouchard’s book sales have doubled

Serge Bouchard’s book sales have doubled
Serge Bouchard’s book sales have doubled

In May, sales of Serge Bouchard titles doubled compared to April, indicated, by email, Christian Reeves, director of sales and development, of the management company of the French-language securities bank (BTLF), which records the sales of books in French in Canada.

Over the period from May 17 to 23, five works by Serge Bouchard were ranked in the list of 100 best sales established by the BTLF: A coffee with Marie (2e), Remarkable Forgotten, Volume 1 : they made America (29e), The black Chrysler cigarette lighter (62e), It was in the days of the woolly mammoths (80e) and The sad eyes of my truck (93e).

Sold out

For its part, Lux, one of Serge Bouchard’s publishing houses, talks aboutphenomenal explosion in sales.

We sold as many Remarkable Forgotten, Volume 1: They Made America and of Remarkable forgotten, volume 2: they ran America [coécrits par Serge Bouchard et Marie-Christine Lévesque] in a weekend than we usually sell in a year, explained, by email, Mark Fortier, editor for Lux.

The laughing people: tribute to my Innu friends ran out of stock within 24 hours. We are waiting for the reprint, he added, specifying that Diesel in the veins, Serge Bouchard’s latest book, has already sold more than 4000 copies in 2 weeks.


Serge Bouchards book sales doubled

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