an internal memo asks the police to “prioritize the treatment of these cases”

an internal memo asks the police to “prioritize the treatment of these cases”
an internal memo asks the police to “prioritize the treatment of these cases”

The note was sent after the recent feminicides in Mérignac (Gironde) and Hayange (Moselle). The central director of public security (DCSP), who has authority over the police stations in France outside Paris, issued Monday May 31 to his troops instructions for “improve the care of victims” of violence against women and the “processing of inquiries” wearing on it.

In this note addressed to the territorial directors of the police, and that franceinfo has consulted, Jean-Marie Salanova asks for “prioritize the treatment of these cases”. Police officers must deal with “in real time” and “systematically” domestic violence cases, including “the character is necessarily urgent”. He claims in particular their “immediate census”. He also wants complaints and handbooks from victims of domestic violence to be addressed. “without delay” to prosecutors.

In addition, the DCSP mentions the designation of a “domestic violence referent” within each urban or departmental security service. The latter must have the role of “ensure the strict application within the service of all the Grenelle measures on domestic violence” and of “ensure efficient real-time processing of domestic violence cases”.

In a circular sent on May 19 to the courts, also consulted by franceinfo, the Minister of Justice asked for a “inventory” from “all files” of people convicted of domestic violence, with the aim of identifying those whose “background and personality” would return “necessary” the pose of a bracelet antirapprochement.

In another circular, transmitted on May 27, the Minister of Justice calls for an acceleration in the deployment of this device. As of May 31, 78 people were equipped with an anti-reconciliation bracelet, franceinfo learned from the ministry, against 47 active bracelets on May 11.

“Recent events require us to be more vigilant and invite us to speed up the implementation of this protection mechanism, which is the subject of unequal appropriation by the courts.”

Eric Dupond-Moretti, Minister of Justice

In a circular sent to the courts on May 27

These notes were sent while several femicides have recently raised questions about the failures of police or judicial services. The government announced the launch of two inspection missions. The first concerns the murder of Stéphanie Di Vincenzo in Hayange, on May 23, for which her companion was indicted. The second mission, carried out after the feminicide of Mérignac which occurred on May 4, pointed to “a series of failures” in the follow-up of the husband.


internal memo asks police prioritize treatment cases

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