INFO FRANCE BLEU – The lynx settles in the Vosges mountains

A lynx was detected in the Donon massif (Bas-Rhin), it was immortalized by a camera trap on April 24 on the Moselle side. At the beginning of April, the discovery ofa track in the snow had already made it possible to identify an individual in this sector. The large predator was also photographed this spring by the traps of the wolf-lynx network in the Northern Vosges, in Dambach, Lembach and Neuwiller-les Saverne.

For specialists it is a excellent news for biodiversity. Lynx populations are very fragile in the Vosges mountains, despite the releases of the 1990s. But obviously the reintroductions carried out in the Palatinate in Germany are starting to bear fruit.

Le lynx du Donon
Loup-Lynx / Frédéric Preisemann Network

We need large carnivores for biodiversity

Frédéric Preisemann, an ONF forester based in Colroy-la-Roche in the Bruche valley, is a member of the loup-lynx network set up under the aegis of the French Biodiversity Office. One of his photo traps immortalized the Donon lynx. “We are happy when a lynx is in the area, we need large carnivores for biodiversity, to regulate ungulate populations, so it is a great good for nature”.

A lynx in Dambach in the Northern Vosges
Loup-Lynx Network


INFO FRANCE BLEU lynx settles Vosges mountains

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