Omar Sy does not regret his forum denouncing police violence

Omar Sy does not regret his forum denouncing police violence
Omar Sy does not regret his forum denouncing police violence

Asked by the Guardian, the actor accepts his open letter published a year ago in L’Obs in which he compared the deaths of George Floyd and Adama Traore. On France Inter this Tuesday, the actor of the series Lupin clarified that he was not attacking the police institution but his “scabies”.

A year ago, George Floyd would die when arrested by the Minneapolis police. In the process, Omar Sy took up the pen to demand accountability for the death of Adama Traoré following his arrest by the police in Beaumont-sur-Oise in 2016. In an interview with the Guardian , the actor explains that the writing of such a text was his responsibility. “As I wrote this letter, I knew it would have an impact on my work. But I had to do it. In my situation in France, I had to say something to young men who look like me ”, he argues.

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At Guardian, Omar Sy tells the genesis of this letter published in L’Obs and accompanied by a petition on, which had collected more than 190,000 signatures. “Let’s wake up. Let us have the courage to denounce police violence in France ”, he wrote there. The actor explains today that the observation of a persistent racism convinced him to write this text. “I remember being confronted with this when I was young. And twenty years later? The situation is the same for other young men. Nothing has changed”, estime Omar Sy.

The one who is among the favorite personalities of the French is well aware of having disappointed some of his admirers by writing this text. “Most people who read the letter understood it. Some don’t. There are those who have said that they will no longer watch my films ”, he confides.

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This Tuesday morning on France Inter, Omar Sy reiterated his concern not to attack the police institution as such, but rather to denounce the “racism” some of his black sheep. “Things are always put in opposition: why, when I say that there are racist police officers, would I be against the police, against the state? When I see police officers killed, do you think that makes me happy?, did he declare. It is madness to think that (…). For me, a dead policeman, dead Adama Traoré, there is something that bothers me, in the same way.»

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Omar regret forum denouncing police violence

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