EU: a digital wallet for every European citizen

EU: a digital wallet for every European citizen
EU: a digital wallet for every European citizen

According to the Financial Times, the European Commission would like to introduce a European digital wallet.

The European Commission would like to offer a harmonized digital wallet for all European citizens, according to a report by the Financial Times. This digital wallet would take the form of a mobile application that every EU citizen could install on their smartphone and use as a digital wallet but also as a portal to access documents made available to them by the public services in their country. The user would find digital copies of all his personal documents, from his identity card to his driver’s license, including documents such as birth certificates or domiciliation certificates.

Access to the wallet would be protected by a unique identifier and a biometric security system that would minimize the risk of hacking.

Via the application, the user could also pay invoices in real time and make requests to his municipality.

The advantages of this digital wallet will be multiple: facilitating access to legal documents, guaranteeing identical treatment to all EU citizens, wherever they are and allowing to rely on virtual copies of legal documents, certified by a virtual certificate system.

Consumers who wish will be able to add payment cards to this digital wallet. Various third-party services could also be integrated. In its article, the Financial Times gives a concrete example with the rental of a car. Via the application, the customer will be able to confirm his identity and his driver’s license, which will considerably speed up the procedure and allow to instantly obtain a virtual key to access the vehicle, once payment has been made. No need for an intermediary, the whole system could be fully automated. The fields of application are numerous: from travel reservations to access to airports, including ordering tickets for cinemas or concerts.

The project should be officially presented on Wednesday by the European Commission.


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