volunteer in a vaccination center, his sister wants to pass a message …

volunteer in a vaccination center, his sister wants to pass a message …
volunteer in a vaccination center, his sister wants to pass a message …

Posted on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 12:20 p.m.

Hilde was a health care professional during the first wave of the coronavirus in Belgium and worked for the Red Cross. Powerless and saddened by what she saw, this Belgian ended her life. His sister Annick is now a volunteer in a vaccination center and encourages the population to be vaccinated to reduce the pressure on hospitals.

If Belgium is close to complete deconfinement, the country has experienced the health crisis head-on. Health professionals were at the forefront. This is particularly the case of Hilde, who ended her life just a year ago. The Belgian worked for the Red Cross in a center for disabled people. The loss of five residents to the virus in one week unfortunately pushed her to do something irreparable.

“Everyone is talking about the victims of the coronavirus. I read the numbers every day. My sister is not included in this, while her death is the result. Now we see a point of light at the end of this endless tunnel. A year ago it was completely different. You cannot compare it. There were hardly any face masks. There was fear, uncertainty, no prospect, ”laments Annick, the sister of the deceased.

As HLN reports, the latter is now a volunteer in the Hasselt vaccination center. A way for this 55-year-old lady to pay homage to sister and to send a message.

She explains: “In telling her story, I see an opportunity. A chance to honor it, but also a chance to convince people about vaccination and to take care of each other. If my sister hadn’t died, I would never have dared to approach people who don’t play by the rules in the street. Now yes. Not out of anger, but out of respect for all those people who have been working hard for months. Let them finally feel that the pressure is diminishing ”.


volunteer vaccination center sister pass message

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