why Eric Cantona stops the series of France 3 after this last episode?

This Tuesday, June 1, France 3 broadcasts a new unpublished episode of the series The traveler with Eric Cantona as the hero. A very special opus because it is the very last of the French actor, who has decided to leave the series. “Whoever is used to traveling knows that there always comes a time to go …“(Paulo Coelho). This is how the new France 3 event series was presented in 2019. The traveler with a role tailor-made for Eric Cantona, who had delivered during an interview, confessing to have sometimes taken bad decisions.

The Last Traveler with Eric Cantona in the title role

That of Tom Bareski, former size of Crim ‘, itinerant without attachment, lover of nature and enamored of justice. Accompanied by his faithful mutt, Agent Bareski has, for two years, been made available to the Police, and freed himself from the codes of consumer society, to track down the murderers in the isolated places where they are hiding. . This ex-cop, who has retired from the noise and fury of city life, travels through hills, villages and mountains, encountering injustices that he repairs, before leaving as discreetly as he arrived, leaving an unforgettable memory to the families he has helped to mourn and break some hearts in the process… The series has four episodes with Cantona, including one in which the former footballer collaborated with his wife in the city, the actress Rachida Brakni. Footballer of genius, painter, actor in theater, cinema and television, Eric Cantona slipped naturally into this role to which he is bidding farewell today.

A departure due to the pandemic and other ongoing projects

And Eric Cantona chose to leave the series The traveler, of which he is the hero, it is neither because the role does not interest him any more, nor because the series stops. The pandemic having delayed the shootings, there was a traffic jam in the busy schedule of the actor, who, engaged on other projects, did not have as much availability to devote himself to the film. Traveler. A smooth start which also does not mark the end of the series. The Traveler continues without the King. Actor Bruno Debrandt, who has been replaced in his series Cain, succeeds Cantona in the series but will not reprise his role. He plays Captain Yann Kandinsky. This policeman, who had crossed the Traveler, has in common with him his desire for justice. In turn, he decides to make himself available to the Police, too, and goes to investigate an unsolved murder in the Ardennes. The production of Traveler could not stage the handover between the two men, but it will be mentioned in this next opus of the fate reserved for the character of Thomas Bareski. And the good news is that the door seems to remain open for a possible return of the great Eric Cantona (to see also on Netflix in the excellent series of Arte, Slippage), if the latter wishes.

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