The Exclusive Quebec Summer Sneak Peek is ready

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 8:48 AM – The Weather Network forecasts a hot, sunny and prolonged summer. The heat will be present even if the heat waves should be less frequent than in 2020. In addition, the summer of 2021 will be prolonged due to an important player.

In short:

  • Fewer heat waves expected this summer;
  • The Quebec summer will be the most pleasant in the country;
  • An extended summer on the program.

Almost perfect

MétéoMédia meteorologists predict a less scorching summer 2021, but beautiful and long. While heatwaves are less frequent this year, that doesn’t mean it won’t be hot. On the contrary, a bit like spring, the summer season promises average temperatures slightly above normal for most regions.

In terms of precipitation, Quebec will be entitled to an average frequency of thunderstorm episodes. There are a total of 70 days with thunderstorms during the summer. Overall, the forecast is for a normal season. In addition, the summer will last until September thanks to the presence of an important player.

Less scorching than in 2020

We don’t expect a summer as hot as last year in Quebec. An atmospheric trough positioned north of Hudson Bay will likely cause some point breaks. This is good news for those who don’t like the hot humid heat. “The temperatures are promising to be very comfortable, explains Réjean Ouimet, meteorologist. The beginning of summer will not be marked by extreme heat, but the month of June will already end warmer than normal.”
Apercu temperature QC (1)

A big player and an absent

As the water temperature in the equatorial Pacific gradually returns to normal, the La Nina phenomenon recedes. The summer of 2021 will therefore take place without this influencer coming to change the face of the season. However, warmer waters in the Atlantic and the increased presence of the Bermuda High will have more of an impact. Its favorable positioning will have the effect of bringing moderate heat to the Belle Province.


In Quebec, average temperatures during the meteorological summer:

image - 2021-05-31T123709.916

The rain, reasonably

A very wet summer is not expected this year, although heavy thunderstorms can dump huge amounts of water in a short period of time. As the summer is shaping up to be less humid, the drier weather will not favor the frequent formation of storm cells, especially in the south of the province. However, during cold fronts, energy will be used and thunderstorms will erupt. On average, there are 70 days with thunderstorms during a summer in Quebec. A bit like spring, the coming months will be punctuated by shorter sequences without rain. “The precipitation will remain close to normal thanks to the passage of a few stormy systems, estimates Anne-Sophie Colombani, meteorologist. However, we expect fewer rainy days. So, more beautiful days to enjoy the outdoors.”

Apercu precipitation QC

Summer in overtime

On the American east coast, the summer promises to be particularly hot. The strong Bermuda High will exert its influence by warming this part of North America during the summer. According to our experts’ forecasts, this intense and well-established heat will therefore allow Quebec to benefit from an extension of summer conditions until September. In fact, the water in the Atlantic will be warmer, which should allow the province to have access to hot air flows at the end of the season.


In Quebec, average precipitation during the meteorological summer:

average precip

In Canada, average of the maximums during the meteorological summer:

  • Toronto : 28,8 °C
  • Ottawa : 25,3 °C
  • Montreal: 25.2 ° C
  • Halifax : 22,6 °C
  • St-John’s : 19,0 °C
  • Vancouver: 21.3 ° C
  • Calgary : 21,9 °C
  • Regina: 24.7 ° C
  • Winnipeg : 24,8 °C
  • Yellowknife : 19,2 °C

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