NVIDIA announces slew of RTX and DLSS compatible games, including Red Dead Redemption 2

NVIDIA announces slew of RTX and DLSS compatible games, including Red Dead Redemption 2
NVIDIA announces slew of RTX and DLSS compatible games, including Red Dead Redemption 2

And the most beautiful LEGO game in history

During Computex 2021, NVIDIA’s keynote did not really show much new, although the company took the opportunity to unveil the RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti which will be available very soon. On the gaming side, it was mainly a question of to announce more and more partners ready to support Chameleon-brand proprietary technologies, such as the RTX overlay and le Super Sampling par Deep Learning.

In their of DOOM Eternal which had the right to a real-time demo, other games – already released or to come – will be entitled to ray tracing and / or DLSS support, starting with Red Dead Redemption II which is clearly the most interesting candidate of the lot.

If there is unfortunately no question of ray tracing in this precise case, the title of Rockstar is already revealed to be a monster working with frames if you have a little heavy hand on the graphic effects, and DLSS integration should allow you to enjoy your open world much more comfortably.

Competitive games particularly benefit from DLSS, and it’s not for nothing that NVIDIA is announcing that Rainbow Six: Siege will be supported soon. In 4K, Ubisoft’s multiplayer FPS should benefit a framerate multiplied by 2 in most cases. NVIDIA didn’t address the lower resolutions (not everyone has a 4K / 120Hz monitor), nor the card used in the example, but performance gain should be more than tangible for compatible GPUs.

The green brand took advantage of its keynote to recall that Rainbow Six: Siege est compatible NVIDIA Reflex, which drastically reduces input-lag with compatible monitors.

Not released yet, Icarus, the next survival game signed Dean « Rocket » Hall (DayZ) is already shaping up to be RTX and DLSS compatible. We know the performance of this kind of game (especially in the early access phase), and the technique of super sampling should allow you to enjoy it properly from day one. Dean Hall says he is delighted with this partnership :

This exceptional technology offers gamers the most immersive experience ever in the survival game genre. Global ray tracing illumination brings Icarus’ hand-crafted worlds to life with a whole new level of realism. DLSS offers a significant performance improvement without any loss of image quality thanks to the Tensor Core cores of GeForce RTX GPUs, ensuring our gamers have the smoothest experience possible.

Often referred to as gadget technology, ray tracing can sometimes transform a game to offer something artistically different : this may be the case with LEGO Builder’s Journey that escapes from the Apple Arcade to find refuge on the big gaming machines from June 22.

The bet of the title developed internally at LEGO was to offer an engaging narrative adventure by manipulating the famous bricks, but ray tracing implementation for a game designed from the ground up for the mobile offers a rendering of plastic infinitely more realistic, and this in a very surprising way. We are clearly not in the register of hardcore gaming, but the use of ray tracing seems to be totally justified and brings a real more visual.

The Ascent scheduled for July 29 was particularly impressive with regard to his graphic ambitions when it was announced at last year’s Inside Xbox dedicated to the Xbox Series. Alongside the horror games Dying: 1983 (no release date) and The Persistence as part of a major update, the top-down cyberpunk shooter will also benefit DLSS and ray tracing upon release.

Enough to always go further in the graphic overbid.


NVIDIA announces slew RTX DLSS compatible games including Red Dead Redemption

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