prices are rising everywhere in France

After a few months of weakness, real estate prices are on the rise in France, according to Best Agents.

Real estate prices are soaring. In one year, they have soared in Strasbourg with an increase of 8.2%, in Nantes (+ 6.5%) and Rennes (+ 5%). In May, prices in regional metropolitan areas show an increase of up to 1%, according to the Meilleur Agents and Les Echos property price indexes, published on June 1. If prices are rising throughout France, an exception exists, however, with the city of Montpellier which fell by 0.3%.

Decrease in real estate sales times

Another factor highlighting the dynamism of the market: sales times are on the decline. Thus, in Marseille, the deadline was 71 days in January. It is 58 days today. According to Meilleur Agents, in Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille and Rennes, sales times are now less than 50 days between the first publication of an advertisement and the signing of the promise to sell.

The capital is also not spared by the rise in prices despite a drop of 1.7% over one year sliding to June 1, 2021. Small surfaces increased by 0.4% in May against 0.2% for supermarkets, report Les Echos. ” Over one year, it was the supermarkets that showed the most lack of enthusiasm on the part of buyers », Explains Thomas Lefebvre, Scientific Director of Meilleur Agents. ” Families have been wait-and-see and have often decided in favor of more spacious outlying accommodation. On the other hand, small surfaces are always sought after by first-time buyers, students who will be there again in September, a whole young clientele who see the advantages of living in the capital or even investors who rely on a safe bet. He continues.

However, this slight Parisian increase should be qualified. It is not comparable to that which prevailed a year ago where prices were increasing by 1% per month as in January and February 2020.


prices rising France

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