Milk production on the rise in Belgium, less ice cream

Belgian dairy companies reported higher production last year for virtually all product categories. Only cheese production is stagnating, while ice production is declining, indicate data from Statbel, released Tuesday on the occasion of World Milk Day.

Posted on 06/01/2021 at 2:36 p.m.| updated on 1/06/2021 at 15:03

The largest increase compared to 2019 was recorded by condensed milk (+ 38%). The increase in drinking milk is 4%. Butter showed a slight decline (-1.2%). Goat cheese is also showing an increase (+ 2.4%), even if the share of this cheese in Belgian production remains, with 10,000 tonnes in 2020, quite limited, just under 10% of the whole.

Fluid milk, milk drinks and fresh dairy products are the main products of the Belgian dairy sector. In 2020, the total fluid milk production was around 893 million liters. Milk with vitamins is in sharp decline with a drop of 31% in one year, to 30 million liters.

Semi-skimmed milk is the most produced (408 million liters). However, its production has decreased by 3% over the last five years, while whole milk (+ 18%) and milkshake (+ 11%) show a clear increase during this same period.


Milk production rise Belgium ice cream

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