what you need to know, in Belgium and around the world, this Tuesday

Covid-19: we take stock of what made the news, in Belgium and in the world, this Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

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27% drop in average daily admissions

There were an average of 84.4 new hospital admissions per day of Sars-CoV-2 positive people between May 25 and May 31, a decrease of 27% from the previous reporting period.


Why do we need a vaccination rate of over 85% instead of the goal of 70%?

This Sunday two Flemish vaccinologists said that to achieve collective immunity, Belgium should reach 85 to 90% of the vaccinated population instead of the 70% target set by the authorities. Spokesman Yves Van Laethem gave an update on this issue.


A free Covid test? It is possible in France

The PCR test could become the passport to travel abroad this summer. In France, it is possible to do it for free and quickly. A good plan for Belgians!



“We are emerging from the crisis but we are not yet on the other side of the door”

The Scientific Institute of Public Health, Sciensano, analyzed the latest trends in the epidemic for Belgium.


Summer sales again on July 1

The summer sales will start again on July 1st. The information was confirmed by the office of the Minister of the Economy Pierre-Yves Dermagne.



Brussels: 36-year-olds and over can register to be vaccinated

Covid-19: from this Tuesday at 6 p.m., vaccination is open to people born in or before 1985 in Brussels. People born in or before 1990 can register on the waiting list.


Ducasse d’Ath: the mayor “wants to know” and he calls out to the Governor

Vaccination is progressing, the prospects for flexibility are becoming clearer, The mayor of Ath “wants to know” for the Ducasse. He calls out to the Governor.


And here is the third version of the checks to revive the catering industry

And here are the trade checks. In a new format, with greater assistance from the City of Huy.



Peru has the world’s highest death rate

Peru, which reassessed on Monday on the recommendations of experts the number of people who died from Covid, from 69,000 to 180,000, is now the country in the world with the highest number of deaths per million inhabitants, according to the classification established by AFP on the basis of official figures.


Belgium provides emergency aid to Nepal

Belgium has decided to provide emergency aid to Nepal, following a request sent by Kathmandu via the European Civil Protection Mechanism, as part of the fight against covid-19, Business announced on Tuesday. foreigners.



PHOTOS | Several Devils received their first dose of the vaccine

Arrived in Tubize this Monday morning to begin their preparation for the Euro, the Devils took the opportunity to receive a first dose of anti-Covid vaccine.


Arturo Vidal hospitalized

Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal of Inter Milan has been hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19, missing the match Chile will play Thursday against Argentina to qualify for the World Cup.


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