Losing faith, one duality at a time

Do you still believe in the magical powers of the pope of relational support Louise Sigouin?

Posted on 1is Jun 2021 @ 6:21 am

Hugo dumas

Like the apostle Peter, that man of little faith whom Jesus saved from drowning, I doubt. And not just a little. I beg Louise Sigouin, the priestess of the dualities of If we loved each other at TVA, to hold out my hand and sit up before the final judgment, scheduled for June 10.

Because for several weeks, the gospels sung by the sex therapist – naming things, respecting her limits and keeping in touch with her emotional world – no longer resonate with her six disciples. The three false couples who still communicate at his office have already left the boat and sink into their personal Lake Tiberias. The shipwreck is unfolding before our eyes and it rekindles old wounds of guilt.


Guillaume, candidate of If we loved each other, in discussion with sex therapist Louise Sigouin

I repeat: I attend all 7 p.m. Masses, Monday through Thursday, on TVA. By including records, If we loved each other ranks fourth among the most watched programs in Quebec with an average of 828,000 followers, according to the latest data available from Numeris. Alone Everybody talks about it, The cheater and Infoman exceed If we loved each other.

But we agree that the Sigouin method does not make strong children. No wedding, rural or medieval, will be celebrated this summer to the sound of the lute. And forget about take two of the famous party disco where you have to pack the lighting in the dining room.

Brigitte is already anguished at the idea of ​​spending four days in Charlevoix with Sylvain, whose sexual orientation she questions in each of the episodes. Constantly criticized for his schoolboy humor, Sylvain likes spending time with Brigitte as much as paying a $ 160 restaurant bill on his own.

Brigitte, chief inspector of pillows, even imposed on Sylvain a rule of chatter of 70% serious subjects and 30% more comical stuff. Who does that, let’s see? Who thus calculates the proportions in a discussion? And why does Sylvain accept this form of conversational terrorism without complaining?

When Sylvain proposed to organize a party pajamas with chocolate fondue, Brigitte’s face twisted as if she had just watched an unprotected solar eclipse. ” A party pajamas, how charming is it for a woman? », Was offended Brigitte, closed to any fun activity, such as a gym in the red zone.

The current between Sébastien and Gabriel will not feed a Hydro-Quebec turbine either. Gabriel is so focused on his needs and setting his boundaries that he forgets that the experience of If we loved each other is lived in two. And Sébastien is starting to get tired of playing the second violins – and not playing “a cappella”, to paraphrase the title of his song.

The darling couple of the public breaks up week and week, despite the sermons of Louise Sigouin, who even oversaw the ceremony where the two lovebirds took hands for the first time. A surreal moment.

The possibility that Guillaume and Amélie end up together is as great as the probability that Guillaume ends up building complete sentences. Understand: it is impossible. A pure utopia.

Thank God, Amélie’s friend (his name is Sébastien) expressed Thursday evening what many followers of If we loved each other have been thinking for a long time: Guillaume was a cellar with Amélie. Guillaume’s response? Well there, tse, it’s like, I can’t promise you, but like, that’s not what, at the same time, is there anything else, I mean? Louise Sigouin tilts her head here to the right.

I do not understand why Amélie inflicts a cohabitation with Guillaume, in addition to a trip to the Outaouais with him. The guy refuses to lower the toilet seat (the what?), He doesn’t like her and doesn’t make her a morning smoothie at the same time as his. We must offer medical assistance in dying to the couple formed by Guillaume and Amélie. Enough, therapeutic relentlessness.

In fact, I do not understand why competitors with all their head sign up for If we loved each other. For us, it’s sweet to hear their very personal confidences. At the other end of the eye, these candidates offer the social media tribunal the most intimate details of their lives. Come on, help yourself, judge us, it’s free!

And no one gets rich at If we loved each other. By excluding the sum of approximately $ 250 per week for their expenses during filmed appointments (paintball game, painting workshop, goat yoga), singles do not receive any salary.

The concept of If we loved each other is to progress in a romantic relationship with Louise Sigouin, which inevitably leads to fiascos. It was like that last year. It’s like that this season too. These people have known each other for two and a quarter minutes and the production asks them to move out together, introduce themselves to their children and go on a trip.

From a psychological point of view, this is not the idea of ​​the century. From a televisual point of view, it is genius. No screenwriter could have created a character 70% heavy and 30% intense like Brigitte’s. Sainte-Louise-des-dualités, pray for her.

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