Deschamps tackles Laporte’s “lying” speech!

Deschamps tackles Laporte’s “lying” speech!
Deschamps tackles Laporte’s “lying” speech!

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If the return of Karim Benzema to the France team has mobilized extraordinary media attention, the change of sporting nationality of Aymeric Laporte, from France to Spain, has also caused a lot of talk. International Espoirs, the defender of Manchester City who has never known a selection with the Blues of Didier Deschamps, and was selected by Luis Enrique to play the Euro with the Roja.


“What bothers me is what he can say and which is untrue”

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France team: the list of Didier Deschamps

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Didier Deschamps, questioned about this change of sporting nationality, said in the columns of Provence: “He has this freedom, he did not play with us… He could have not had it, ten seconds with the Blues would have been enough. He’s always been on the pre-lists, but there is competition. Me, I do not take a player to prevent him from having a second choice. I wasn’t going to block it. What bothers me is what he can say and that is untrue. The only message I got from him, dates from October for a specific situation where he was injured in September, he was no longer on the pre-lists. He was in those of November, March and that one too. There is no mess, it is his choice. I wish him a safe journey. It’s part of his freedom. “If France and Spain clash during the Euro, the reunion between Laporte and the Blues promise to be electric!


Deschamps tackles Laportes lying speech

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