Pierre Perret in mourning, his best friend is gone

Pierre Perret in mourning, his best friend is gone
Pierre Perret in mourning, his best friend is gone

We all remember his greatest songs, Lily at The bird cage Passing by Pretty summer camps, Pierre Perret is a past master in the art of giving a smile with his music and their lyrics, always very funny and playful. If the image of the man, now 86 years old, is associated with his communicative good humor, the one who recently celebrated his 60 years of marriage certainly has no taste for laughing in recent days. As he has just learned on his Facebook page, the artist is in mourning. His most faithful friend, Filou, has just left us …

He was a dog, coupsadingue and soft and playful and tender

Filou had been Pierre Perret’s life companion for many years. A name that seemed to stick very well with his character to believe the singer. “He was in total harmony with his character. He was a BOXER dog, heavy-handed and soft and playful and tender, like all boxers are.”, wrote Pierre Perret to announce the departure of his pet.

A very endearing and blundering dog, particularly close to the artist’s wife, Rebecca. “This” Trickster “who understood absolutely everything, however had the habit well anchored in him to do exactly the opposite of what one expected of him. It was Rebecca his real accomplice …since she could not help applauding every time he overturned the pot! “, he says on Facebook. A farewell message in the image of Pierre Perret, full of optimism and always with a lot of humor and accompanied by two pretty photos of the singer and his dog, on which we can realize the complicity that united them .

Internet users affected by the news

A news which obviously touched the admirers of the singer. The post received over 26,000 likes and almost 4,000 comments. “Really sorry Monsieur Perret. It’s hard to lose a lifelong companion, a little dog as you said so well in your song. Your love will have rocked his life. “, nicely writes a surfer.


Pierre Perret mourning friend

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