the deputy Guillaume Peltier exhausts his collaborators

the deputy Guillaume Peltier exhausts his collaborators
the deputy Guillaume Peltier exhausts his collaborators

The speech is well run. Guillaume Peltier, deputy vice-president of the Republicans, likes to recall that his party “Has always made work its cardinal value”. But working for the deputy for Loir-et-Cher is proving trying.

According to a count of World, more than twenty people have followed one another, since 2017, with the deputy, regional advisor and number two of LR. Most threw in the towel, exhausted or angry. Frenzied pace of work, endlessly urgent task requests, numerous nocturnal messages, lack of consideration explain this intense turnover, according to testimonies collected by The world. Contacted, Guillaume Peltier denounces “Swirl of bitterness and jealousy” and underlines that “Political life requires a constant commitment”.

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In December 2020, two of the deputy’s assistants, one working in Paris and the other in the Loir-et-Cher, left the ship. With two years and eighteen months of collaboration, they were “alumni”. Faced with the possibility of a prud’homale procedure, the elected official agreed to pay them several months’ salary. “Regarding my parliamentary assistant in Paris, Guillaume Peltier replied, he wanted a quieter job and we ended up with an amicable break-up. “ The former assistant in question, who declined to comment, now works for two other LR MPs.

Mixture of private and professional lives

Solicited, some of those who worked for Mr. Peltier did not wish to respond to the World. But a handful of others have agreed to share their often painful professional experiences anonymously. They tell of a man refusing contradiction. “Guillaume needs to be surrounded by people who admire him and who are devoted body and soul, sums up an “ex” who lasted only a few months. For having worked with other elected officials, it is not someone who behaves normally. “ “We find ourselves in a form of enslavement”, estimates another employee, who had “The chance to resign”. “When you work for him, you are meant to bepro-Peltier, testifies a third ex-assistant. Everyone should be at their feet and praise what they are doing, even if it sucks. “” Grotesque, replies Mr. Peltier, everyone in my team has always been free to express their critical thinking, positive or negative. “

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