Up to 4,000 euros for a bachelor: the real price of tuition fees in Belgium

Up to 4,000 euros for a bachelor: the real price of tuition fees in Belgium
Up to 4,000 euros for a bachelor: the real price of tuition fees in Belgium

For a student without a grant, higher studies in the Flemish Community cost on average 25% more than those in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

For Belgian universities, there is a difference of 37%. Thus, the average price for a year of study by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is € 597.65. This price can vary from single to double depending on the institution chosen, the type of study and the year. It is cinema studies that are the most expensive. A baccalaureate in image techniques, cinema orientation at Ilya Prigogine high school costs nearly 1,365 euros per year of baccalaureate. The photography baccalaureate costs barely less: 1,165 euros per year. With a tuition fee of 1000.03 euros per year, communication studies at IHECS are among the most expensive. On the Dutch-speaking side, the price is the same everywhere: € 947.2.

Regarding universities, the difference is 12%. The tuition fees requested by Dutch-speaking universities are the same as for universities (€ 947.2). The gap is nevertheless widening for the French-speaking side, since the cost climbs to 835 €.

According to Top Compare, a French-speaking student of modest means will pay € 374 for a year at university and € 359.31 for a year at high school.

In addition, a scholarship student will not pay any fees (regardless of the type of study chosen) for one year of higher education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, whereas he will have to pay € 119.9 in the Flemish Community.

While the price of tuition fees for universities in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation remains the same, an increase can be observed in the north of the country. Thus, the registration fee for an institution of the Flemish Community was 906 € in 2017, or 41 € less than today. For the academic year 2021-2022, the price continues to increase to reach € 961.90. To date, no tariff change has been mentioned on the French-speaking side.

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