Teenage girl commits suicide in Ghent after being raped

Teenage girl commits suicide in Ghent after being raped
Teenage girl commits suicide in Ghent after being raped

The facts date back to May 15. Julie *, who has a meeting with one of her friends, finds him at the Westerbegraafplaats cemetery in Ghent. But once she arrives at the scene, the situation turns into a nightmare. Four other young people arrive, assault and rape her. They film the entire scene which is found a few days later on the internet. For the young girl, this is too much. Four days after the fact, she decides to end her life.

For her dad, interviewed by Het Nieuwsblad, it’s a shock. “My daughter saw her world fall apart,” he explains. “These pictures were the last straw. If they hadn’t been published, my daughter would still be here.” Devastated, he explains that he only learned about this whole story after his child committed suicide.

On Julie’s computer, the police found the images of her assault. Five men could be identified: 5 adolescents. After analyzing the images, the police arrested the five alleged assailants for rape, indecent assault and the taking and dissemination of photos likely to constitute an attack on the integrity of a person, adds Het Nieuwsblad. For its part, the prosecution only confirms that the five young people are suspected of “facts that occurred shortly before the death of the victim”.

The investigation is continuing. Since the victim was a minor, like some of the suspects, the prosecution will not communicate further details.

Anyone with suicidal thoughts can contact the crisis line of the Suicide Prevention Center on 0800 32 123 (it is anonymous, free and available 24 hours a day).

* loan name

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