We reveal our favorite burgers from the Coupe de France burger

Last year, we already praised you the merits of this competition honoring the burger, by revealing our favorite candidates. Even today, the finalists for this Coupe de France burger have been unveiled, and we once again enjoyed selecting our favorite contending burgers. Blindly and in the most honest way possible, we judged on the name and the visual of the burgers, since we were not able to taste them.

As in previous seasons, a total of 25 candidates (chefs, assistants, managers, etc.) will compete in the final scheduled for June 28 at the Paris Event Factory. For this sixth edition, placed under the sign of “back to basics”, the candidates will be judged around different criteria: respect for the theme, history and explanation of the recipe, visual quality of the burger and its dressing, flavor and delicacy of the burger .

Organized in two stages – first regional “battles” to select the best candidates from the five competing regions (Île-de-France, North-East, South-West, South-East and West), then a final between the five regional champions – this edition will be chaired by Michelin-starred chef David Gallienne.

Breton Hamburger

The author? Malo-Gwen (West).

Why is he a favorite? Because we love it when it’s abundant and, if not, for the audacity of its vegetable charcoal bread and its seaweed tartare.

Le Lumber-jack

The author? Antide Rouvière (North-East).

Why is he a favorite? For the smoothness of the rendering but above all for its wavy cheese shavings.

The Cafi ligérien

The author? Stéphane Giroud (South-East).

Why is he a favorite? For its bread worked with meticulousness and delicacy like a puff pastry, but especially for the Fourme de Montbrison in cromesquis… Grandiose.

L’Oustalou (childhood memory)

The author? Arnaud Jean (South West).

Why is he a favorite? Because he doesn’t seem to be kidding when it comes to good meat. Then because we love the associations of land and sea since Top chef, with the squid ink bun.


The author? Jérôme Cagnina (Northeast).

Why is he a favorite? Because this gourmet dome instantly reminds us of the Flammekueche and we love it. Also, for this intriguing association with asparagus.

The picodon of bardière

The author? Nicolas Kech (South East).

Why is he a favorite? Because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s sophisticated and the perfectly matched diapers promise a full belly.

The Jean-Pignon

The author? Matthias Carré (North-East).

Why is he a favorite? Because he is square, like Matthias. No, more seriously, for the gluttony of its ground beef, in which we see small roasted hazelnuts.

The 1995

The author? Jonathan Pares (West).

Why is he a favorite? A nod to the 1995 crew who took rap at the source, since this burger – called Le 1995 -, it also returns to the “sources” of the burger and is right in the theme. It’s a burger without extravagance, but with a lot of elegance.


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