morning voices tell their great memories (and their worst moments) on the air

morning voices tell their great memories (and their worst moments) on the air
morning voices tell their great memories (and their worst moments) on the air

These are voices you won’t hear every day, gathered for a birthday. The great voices of the morning radio stations, both private and public, which wake you up every day. They are brought together by franceinfo for an exceptional morning, to celebrate 100 years of radio with you. Around Marc Fauvelle (franceinfo), Nicolas Demorand (France Inter), Yves Calvi (RTL), Apolline de Malherbe (RMC), Matthieu Belliard (Europe 1) and Guillaume Erner (France Culture). All get together for a birthday, for a multiplex, Tuesday June 1 … launched by a call sign that you will only hear once a century.

They tell of the very special bond that unites them to radio listeners, this intimate medium that invites itself everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the car to the headset of the smartphone. This is “a permanent, familiar whisper, describes Nicolas Demorand. It’s a hard drug and a soft drug : a hard drug when you hear the story going live. A soft drug because it’s the soundtrack of our lives. ” “To work in the early morning is to be the first to talk to someone” notes Matthieu Belliard.

“The voice and the vibration, it gives a sensitivity that you will never have with television”, continues Yves Calvi. “There is something sincere, natural, summarizes Apolline de Malherbe. We will never be able to deprive ourselves of this moment of truth. ” Even if sometimes we cheat to get “a radio voice”.

Same tone, from Matthieu Belliard’s side: “We will always want, like kids, someone who tells us a story by ear.” What Guillaume Erner can see at a glance: “When you get up in the morning, you have to know that there is somewhere a morning or an early morning who is awake too, so that you do not feel alone! And sometimes, also, someone against whom you can curse. .. “

The terrifying voice (and stories) of Pierre Bellemare, the trashy delusions of Lafesse on Carbone 14, Doc and Difool on Skyrock, the ads read live on Europe 1 … They remember their best (and their worst! ) antenna moments. Radio is 100 years old, and franceinfo is celebrating it!

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