her partner wore an electronic bracelet

her partner wore an electronic bracelet
her partner wore an electronic bracelet

Aurélie, 33, was found dead at her home in Douai (North), on the night from Sunday to Monday. Her companion was taken into police custody for intentional homicide.

Hayange, Mérignac… And now Douai? In the North, in Douai, a 33-year-old woman died in her apartment on the night from Sunday to Monday. She had multiple bruises on her body. Her husband, present at the scene, was taken into police custody.

Bruises and traces of blows

At around 4:45 am, the firefighters were called for a woman in cardiac arrest at the Gayant residence. According to a police source, the victim, Aurélie, is discovered at her home with numerous bruises and traces of beatings. She succumbs to her injuries after help arrives. Her partner has traces of blood on his hands.

Karim BA, 38, had reportedly “drunk alcohol”, according to The voice of the North, which specifies that the respondent was placed in a sobering-up cell before being heard in police custody for intentional homicide. According to the neighborhood interviewed by our colleagues, disputes broke out regularly between the couple, against the backdrop of frequent alcohol consumption.

For his part, the public prosecutor of Douai, Frédéric Teillet indicated that the victim would have died “of apparently traumatic cause”, while inviting to wait for the conclusions of the autopsy.

Electronic bracelet

But already, the profile of the respondent questions. Karim BA was already known to the authorities. He indeed benefited from “a measure of adjustment of sentence, home detention under electronic surveillance, for the execution of a sentence of 10 months of imprisonment for aggravated theft and serious damage to the property of others”, according to the prosecution, so he was wearing an electronic bracelet at the time of the incident.

“His criminal record does not bear any trace of a conviction for violence against a spouse,” the prosecutor also said. But according to information from The voice of the North, he had already been tried for similar facts, in December 2018.

Already implicated for domestic violence?

Following an eventful police intervention, Karim BA appeared for “death threats against police officers, a hospital nurse and damage to her cell in police custody.”

On the other hand, he had been released for the facts of domestic violence. His companion Aurélie then declared that he had inflicted “six or seven slaps” on him, wounded him in the face with a knife. She then retracted, claiming to have had her words under the influence of alcohol.

“The investigation must determine the circumstances of the tragedy,” added the prosecution. It will also make it possible to determine whether there may have been any failures in the monitoring of this problem couple.

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