Corinne Deacon (France team coach): “I have nothing against Kheira” Hamraoui

Corinne Deacon (France team coach): “I have nothing against Kheira” Hamraoui
Corinne Deacon (France team coach): “I have nothing against Kheira” Hamraoui

“We note the absence of Amandine Henry in this list. Its current level of performance does not convince you?
Yes, it is a decision of the moment. It is a selection at a moment T, on a last game of the season. Indeed, her last performances … There are also other players who are not in the list. It’s just a decision at a moment T. Sandy Baltimore is also absent. I leave her at the disposal of her club so that she can take her end-of-year exams.

It is perhaps more surprising not to see Kheira Hamraoui appear, who has won three titles (Champions League – Championship – Queen’s Cup) this season with Barça. Why did you choose not to retain it?
I haven’t taken her all season, just because she won three titles doesn’t mean I’m going to take her. I followed her performances, I followed the performances of other players who are abroad. I decided to see Sandie Toletti again who was absent on the last rally. On the same post, I preferred Toletti.

Should this long absence be interpreted as the fact that the decision is not solely linked to what is happening on the ground?
I have no problem with Kheira. It is a purely sporting decision. No decision is ever final, one way or another. The players who are here today, some were not there on the last meeting, maybe they will not be there on the next one. When you are a coach, you select at a given moment T. Obviously, between the hazards of each other, injuries, physical fitness components, you have to make choices. Who says choice, says that these decisions are inevitably questionable. It’s my choice.

“There is this desire to create a mix between experience and youth”

Corinne Deacon, the coach of the Blue

Why did you choose to summon the Rémoise Kessya Bussy?
Above all, we must salute the good season for Kessya, which I have been following for a little while. Sandy’s absence left an extra room. I had already almost taken it on one of the last two gatherings, I preferred to leave it at the disposal of the U23s. There, I wanted to see her on this last match, what she can bring to the team. She had a very good season, the hardest part begins for her, when you have a first call, the hardest thing is to stay there.

During the last gathering, you used the word “reconstruction” several times. Can you detail what you expect for the Euro?
Before the Euro, there are the qualifiers for the World Cup which will start in September. This last match will allow me to make tests, we can see it in the list, there are young players who are present, a new one with Kessya who joins us. There is this desire to create a mix between experience and youth. We tried things, there are a lot of conclusive things, even against the United States (0-2). Even if the result was against us, everything was not to be thrown away. It proves to us that against the great nations, the smallest detail is important.

After the United States and England, you will face another big opponent. What do you expect from this meeting?
That we return to victory since our last match ended in defeat (0-2 against the United States). A good last match against a very good European and world nation. An opponent that we know well, who has rarely smiled on us in the past. It will be a good test. We will find the words so that the girls are motivated even if we know that there is a lot of physical and mental fatigue at the end of the season. I have confidence in the 23 players present to give the maximum in this last match. The camp will be short, we play on Thursday with delivery to the club just after and then go on vacation. We will ask them for 4-5 additional days of concentration. “


Corinne Deacon France team coach Kheira Hamraoui

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