France team: Grat gave the Blues the minimum goal for the Euro – football

France team: Grat gave the Blues the minimum goal for the Euro – football
France team: Grat gave the Blues the minimum goal for the Euro – football

Passing Clairefontaine on Sunday, the president of the FFF, Nol Le Grat, announced his expectations for the Blues for the next Euro. The boss of French football has set a high goal for the world champions.

Deschamps and Le Grat are ambitious for the Euro

D-14 for the Blues. On June 15, the France team will start their Euro against Germany. Two weeks before this eagerly awaited first meeting, Nol Le Grat went to Clairefontaine on Sunday to encourage the French selection, as tradition dictates. And set the goals for the tournament.

Le Grat requires at least a semi-final

Before having dinner with the staff and the players at the castle, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) announced his expectations in front of his audience: to reach at least the semi-finals. When you read the press, you’ve already won. It’s never won you know well , Le Grat recalled from comments reported by L’Equipe.

You are a very, very high level team, continued the French football boss. France must be at least in the bottom square, one cannot imagine anything else. And we can’t just play well against Germany or Portugal. But you are worse than me. You have it deep inside you win. This gagne has also elicited some reactions in recent days.

A duty to set an example

Last week, several players of the France team had shown their confidence, believing to be part of the best team in the world . A statement deemed arrogant by some, but not for Kingsley Coman. We took has for arrogance but it is not at all. I think you have to be aware of your favorite status, that doesn’t mean you are sure to win without making any effort, not at all, far from it. it just means that we are aware , reacted the winger of Bayern Munich, who had been the first to place the French selection at the top.

A good way to calm a nascent and useless controversy for players from whom Le Grat expects an exemplary attitude. I want you to represent your country in an exemplary manner. We need very high level players, who win, and quality men , warned the boss of the 3F. According to the sports daily, he did not address the issue of bonuses. It has been in place since 2012: players and staff will share 30% of UEFA’s endowments if they pass the first round. This can represent 28.25 million euros in the event of a coronation and 20.25 million euros for an elimination in the semi-finals.

In your opinion, how far will France go during this Euro? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the area add a comment

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