Towards a sunny, hot and dry summer in Quebec

Towards a sunny, hot and dry summer in Quebec
Towards a sunny, hot and dry summer in Quebec

(Montreal) “We are expecting a beautiful summer with beautiful sunny days,” announced Anne-Sophie Colombani, meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

Posted on 1is June 2021 at 6:30 am

Clara Descurninges
The Canadian Press

The temperature, even with 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius above seasonal norms, will stay far from the scorching heat of last year. There will certainly be “less heatwaves”.

In all, about 40 summer days should have a Humidex factor greater than 30, which, according to Environment Canada, can cause “some discomfort”.

Only the northwestern regions, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Nord-du-Québec, will see milder weather, with temperatures equal to or below seasonal averages. For other areas, “having a fresh air dome on the Hudson’s Bay side will also provide long breaks from that heat,” said Mme Colombani.

Usually, the maximum summer temperature is 25 degrees Celsius in Montreal.

Slight drought

Mme Colombani warned, however, that “the drought may be something to watch out for”, while the month of May which has just ended was “the driest on record”.

Although the total amount of rain is expected to be close to normal, it will not be evenly distributed. “We expect long periods without rainfall, and then thunderstorms,” ​​which could cause difficulties for Quebec farmers, the meteorologist said.

The Gaspé is an exception and should receive more rains, due to a hurricane season that promises to be turbulent.

Storms and fires

The provinces of the Maritimes will face “slightly warmer temperatures and more abundant precipitation than normal” because of the hurricanes which will strike the United States and whose repercussions will be felt further north, according to Colombani. This year, she explained, the colder waters of the Pacific will ripple into the Atlantic Ocean, where more extreme weather events are expected to be seen.

On the prairies side, “very hot temperatures” and “particularly dry weather” are the perfect ingredients for starting forest fires, in addition to harming agriculture and the quality of the air. “It may be more complicated for them this year,” warned the meteorologist.

Ontario will undoubtedly be the coolest province, spared both by the hot air dome of Quebec and that of Western Canada.

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