Appointment of PingKi Houang within Scalapay France

Starting May 26, 2021

Appointment, June 1, 2021 – PingKi Houang has been appointed general manager of Scalapay France, in this position since May 2021. He reports directly to Simoné Mancini, chief executive officer. As such, he is a member of the executive committee. This is a job creation.
PingKi Houang, 49, has completed the following course:
* 2017-2021 : FashionCube, chief executive omnichannel.
* 2016-2017: Stuart, Managing Director France.
* 2012-2016:, general manager.
* 2009-2012: Pixmania, executive director.
* 2008-2009 : Pixmania, chief operating officer.
* 2000-2007: Pixmania, director of human resources and communication.
* 1997-2000: Fnac France, responsible for multimedia operations.
* 1996-1997: DDB & Co, project manager with the large …
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Appointment PingKi Houang Scalapay France

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