Not to change, it’s an admission of helplessness

Not to change, it’s an admission of helplessness
Not to change, it’s an admission of helplessness

At the end of each parliamentary session, the rumor machine is activated about whether or not to reshuffle the cabinet.

For a week now, the CAQ apparatchiks have strongly denied that a reshuffle is in the works by the postponement of work for the summer.

The Roberge case

One of the main arguments of those calling for a reshuffle is the famous Roberge “case”. Since his appointment, the Minister of Education has given a performance at best disjointed, at worst, incompetent.

When we remember the eagerness with which the Prime Minister knocked down MarieChantal Chassé and Danielle McCann, we wonder by what blackmail Roberge succeeds in not going by the wayside.

The icing on the sundae for Jean-François Roberge is obviously his confusion with Public Health. Either he can’t get the right information from his team, which calls into question his leadership and his ability to surround himself, or he knowingly lied to the Blue Room, and that’s not much better.

So why do François Legault and his team insist on repeating that the Minister of Education enjoys their full confidence?

The ball

After the demotion of Sylvie D’Amours and Marie-Ève ​​Proulx, no one can explain the Prime Minister’s stubbornness in dragging the Roberge ball. If it was possible to dump him, don’t you think it would have been done a long time ago?

The hypothesis that I submit to you is that François Legault no longer has any cards in his deck.

It is not a vote of confidence, it is an admission of helplessness, not to rearrange at this time.

The window is closing on the Prime Minister, but there is still time to show parents and the education system that they deserve better than a minister who is struggling to obtain the passing grade and who lowers the general average.

Mr. Legault, be brave, Quebec deserves better.

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