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Claire Desmares-Poirier wants to “turn Brittany to green”

Claire Desmares-Poirier wants to “turn Brittany to green”
Claire Desmares-Poirier wants to “turn Brittany to green”

She wants “to make Brittany go green”: Claire Desmares-Poirier, candidate invested by EELV, UDB, Nouvelle Donne and Bretagne Ecologie, Generations and radicals of the left, was our guest on France Bleu Armorique this Tuesday morning.

_”_Our goal is to come first on the left, and to be able to form an even larger rallying force. than the one we have already built “ : Claire Desmares-Poirier’s ambitions are displayed. The environmental candidate intends to be the engine of a rally around ecology, although she is not the only list positioned in this niche.

“The question of the first round is that of the project. We have an environmentalist and federalist project, which is not the same as that of Loïg Chesnais-Girard or of France Insoumise, even if there are places on which we can meet, explains Claire Desmares-Poirier. The Bretons will choose the project and the person who will embody it, but to lead it, we can do that in a much broader way. “

The candidate claims to have tried to rally to her cause Daniel Cueff, also at the head of an environmentalist list, without success. It does not exclude alliances either between the two towers. “Whatever happens, it is not reasonable to imagine leading the region alone, whoever you are,” she says. “It’s a proportional system. In my way of approaching the politics, otherness and the collective is an essential part. “

“A qualitative shift in agriculture”

“We have a model that is at the end of its rope and we are maintaining whatever it takes when it is necessary to build an alternative”, deplores Claire Desmares-Poirier. She wants so improve farmers’ incomes by moving upmarket of agriculture in the region. “The Breton agricultural model was built on a quantity objective, she says. We had to produce a lot, for the whole world. We know the impacts of this race for quantity, because it is not remunerative, and it has an impact on health and the environment. ”

What about the employment generated by the sector in the region? “Industrial agriculture has destroyed 300,000 jobs over the past 40 years, argues Claire Desmares-Poirier. _The challenge for us is to put farms back on a human scale and to recreate jobs there._. Today, we have no dairy PDO in Brittany, although we are the leading dairy region in France! “

Not in favor of the ecotax in Brittany

On the other hand, the candidate does not say that she is in favor of an eco-tax for heavy goods vehicles in Brittany because of the road infrastructure: “the purpose of the eco-tax is to raise funds and transfer goods, from the road to the rails in particular, recalls Claire Desmares-Poirier._In Brittany, we no longer have the infrastructure_. The first priority is to create them. ”

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